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Whilst travelling around Iran, you can enjoy a stunning variety of foods. From traditional stew dishes to delicious kebabs. There’s a vast spectrum of foods: caviar, pickle, and smoked fish in the north; samosas, falafel and hot and shrimp in the south; noodles, flatbread and rosewater-scented ice cream across the country. This variety in ingredients and dishes is partly owed to the diverse climates which exist across the country.

Although Kebab is the IRAN national dish, but you should try main dishes of each IRAN’s city

The Most Popular Iranian Dishes around the Country:


Tehran | KEBAB

Koobideh is the Iran’s signature Kebab and the most famous one. It is made from lamb, beef with chopped onions. Most of the time is served with rice, but it can be eaten with bread too.


Tehran | DIZI

Known as ‘Abgoosht’. It is essentially made up of lamb, peas, bean and tomato. It is usually served in a stone dish.



Baghlaghatogh: Made with garlic, turmeric, plenty of fresh dill, and soft-boiled eggs, this traditional dish of the northern Caspian region is ridiculously tasty. Often served with rice



Mirza ghasemi Is a vegetarian dish; It is a mixture of garlic, mashed grilled eggplant, tomatoes, salt, pepper, and turmeric. It usually served as an appetizer and usually be eaten with bread.


Tabriz | KOOFTEH

Koofteh is a meatball made up; rice, onion, meat, split peas, plum and some dried herbs. These meatballs are eaten with bread.


Mashhad | SHISHLIK

Lamb chops, marinated in olive oil and saffron and grilled on the bone. Shandiz and Torghabe, about 30 minutes outside the Mashhad city, are full of restaurants serving this food.


It’s similar to the famous DIZI with goat meat only it’s topped with kashk.


Isfahan | BIRYANI

Meat and lungs are cooked in a small pan with cinnamon and spices and served with dough.



Ghalyehmahi: Ghalyehmahi (Persian Fish Stew) is a famous and spicy stew recipe from Khuzestan province. It is a combination of fish, herbs, garlic and tamarind paste that would be served with Persian Rice.



Kalam polo, cabbage and rice, is the famous food of Shiraz, It is made up various fresh herbs like parsley, cilantro, chives, basil, tarragon, dill, and summer savory. Served with ‘meatballs.



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